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Vrch Studio is an art, design and tech team specialising in designing, developing, and deploying immersive experiences in the metaverse. Founded by a group of programmers, architects, artists and game developers, Vrch Studio has developed a Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) based on spatial web and mixed-reality technologies, which can work alone or be integrated into other platforms.


Studio members have worked on projects exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture, London Design Week, Jerusalem Design Week, Ginza Sony Park, China Academy of Art, etc.



Future of Immersive Experiences

Mixed Reality

Using AR, VR and MR technologies to build a fully immersive experience and mix digital objects with the real world.

Spatial Web

Customised 3D interactive environment in the web browser – available to anyone, anywhere without installing any additional software or hardware, it can even be opened directly in mobile apps like Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse, Wechat, etc.

Digital Avatar

Custom avatars for the custom worlds - Give your guests unique DIY identities or let them bring in cross-planform avatars from third-party services.


Online Virtual Exhibition

housing every type of artworks and for everyone to experience

The Metaverse Designed For YOU



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